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Raising finance and business funding is a real challenge for every startup. But a bigger challenge is how to make your startup a money-making machine. Learn how to start and grow here.
Business Funding
Business Funding

Get to know the various ways to fund your startup from angel investors to business loan applications. Increase your business credit score and creditworthiness.

Financial Planning
Financial Planning

How do you use your funds to ensure every cent has been well spent towards growing your business, investments, ventures, and wealth?

Estate Management
Estate Management

Investing in real estate? Where do you start and how will you increase the value of your property without going way over your head?

Managing Growth
Managing Growth

From navigating tax hurdles to hiring the right people, growing your business will be full of hurdles and a daunting task without a guide.

Staff Handling
Staff Handling

From recruiting to managing your staff, there will be a massive financial burden along the way. Get some help from a money lender in Singapore whenever needed.

Marketing Initiatives
Marketing Initiatives

You can’t grow your business without increasing your leads through marketing. Know the latest trends and the best branding strategies.

We can guide you to better financial management

Our team consists of professionals and startup owners who have grown their businesses into sturdy ventures. Get to know the secret sauce of success.

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Use this calculator to estimate the lease payments for particular periods by submitting real prices.

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Get plenty of tips and advice on start-up business plans, getting funding and best loan in the Philippines, finding investors, handling people and marketing solutions.

Executive team

We can achieve your goals together

Harrold Molnar

Harrold joined Profit Consulting in 2016 as the Finance Officer to take on financial coordination and management of the organization.

William Davidson


William leads the legal strategy and risk team of ABM Agency Inc. He is a lawyer who specializes in privacy and intellectual property legislation.

Ben Adams

Ben Adams

Ben is an Investments Technologist focusing on the area of transparent investment strategies.

Startup Trends

All the latest trends in building a startup in a competitive industry.
22 Oct. 2018

Business Startup Funding Tips and Tricks

If you want to start your own business, one main problem is searching enough startup funds to begin moving towards their end. The trade startup cost can look to be unachievable and even daunting until you are familiar with where to look.

Unluckily, bu[...]

9 Oct. 2018

4 Types of Angel Investors

Angel investors are one of the financing options that you can look into when you decide to start your own business venture. Business start-up is not only a crucial process it also requires a lot of time, effort, and of course money. If you do not have the mo[...]

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Stay informed with all up to date market insights, trade ideas, <a href="https://cashmart.sg/payday-loan/">cash loan</a> insider tips, financial researches and latest business news.


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